Bible Reading Plan 2022

Join with us in reading the Bible this year. This plan will take us through half of the Bible this year, and we will plan to cover the second half in 2023. This reading plan roughly follows a chronological order within each testament (Old and New) and intersperses the Psalms and Proverbs readings throughout. There are only 20 readings per month (allowing for plenty of time to catch up to the readings should you fall behind). You can find the Bible Reading Plan by clicking  HERE.

Vision 2020: RCA's Future

On June 30, 2020 a report was distributed to the RCA concerning the recommendations by the Vision 2020 Team.  The report offers three main recommendations concerning the future of the denomination: 

  1. To reorganize the RCA into groups of churches based on shared values instead of upon geographic location
  2. To form an independent mission organization to carry on the support of RCA missions in the future
  3. To provide a way for churches to depart from the RCA that is mutually generous. 

Regardless of whether these recommendations are adopted by General Synod in June of 2021, these recommendations will have a significant effect on the life of the RCA in the years to come.  Hope Reformed Church will need to discern what response we will want to take.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider how God might be leading us as a congregation in this important matter.  You can access the full report by clicking here.