Youth Group

We will be kicking off the Youth Group program on Sunday, September 11th. This year middle school (6-8th grade) and high school (9-12th grade) will combine for a meal at the beginning of each meeting. Afterwards, breaking into their separate groups. For the first few months both groups will be meeting from 6-7:30 p.m.

The high school youth group (led by Erin Heuer, Lacy Sherman & Stacy Ascher) patiently awaits the Chosen series to release Season 3 and looks forward to continuing the series after the new year. This semester the CHOSEN high school youth group will begin by focusing on a series on Right Now Media titled Identity. We will use this study to look into the topics of Image, Choices, Relationships, and Accomplishments. The world spends so much time convincing us these are the most important things that make up our identity. However, this series reminds us that while these may be important, they do not make up everything we are. Our identity is found in Jesus and this series will help students “ground their identity in Christ and live boldly as children of God and heirs of heaven”. (Eric Mason)

We also are looking forward to the opportunity the students have in attending Rocky Mountain High this upcoming summer (2023). We will be planning some different fundraisers for this trip and also ways to continue to serve others.